Meeker Peek Guest Comments

A random assortment of comments taken from our guest books from 1999 through the present. To read all comments you'll just have to book a reservation! Then you can discover how Red Rambo, the territorial hummingbird, got his name!

A ticket to fly to Denver: $212
Baggage Charge: $15
Car rental for a week: $246
A stop at Safeway for groceries: $429
Spending a week at Meeker Peek, Co with family: Priceless!
Thanks so much.
  The O’Connor Family from Grinnelle, Ga 11/22/2008
We had a very fun time here! There are five of us and I’m the oldest of the three children. I’m 16. Your home is very clean and nice! The views are gorgeous. This week has been wonderful and an amazing time away from the “real world.” We did many activities…we went into Estes Park quite a bit. We shopped, went fishing, hiked a lot! Went to RMNP, went mini golfing, went horseback riding, watched movies, made s’mores, fed the chipmunks, played cards, went up Fall River Road. This week was an adventure…hiking was my favorite part! The views are so beautiful! The house is awesome. The only thing was one of the tvs didn’t work all the time but other than that it was awesome. I love the location of this house! Thanks for letting us use it for a week. I’m sure we will come back soon.  The Schenkurberys – Mark, Teri, Sara, Courtney, and Jacob. 8/3/2008
We had a lovely stay at your home. This was our first visit to RMNP. We saw many beautiful views and lots of wildlife, including a moose on the west side of the park. We all enjoyed the humming birds too. Thank you for the fans! We had an extremely hot week but in the evenings it cooled off nicely. We all hope to visit again someday.   The Praeters and Greisigers, Ohio 7/26/2008
We found your cabin “online” and had a marvelous week with our kids and grandkids. Our Connecticut kids flew in and stayed for 4 days and our Omaha kids a whole week. It was priceless to all be together in one place.
Loved the deck, meals, watching humming birds, listening to aspen breezes, grilling and making s’mores, watching the chipmunks on the rocks. Kids liked having internet access. We loved the stars at night – lots of games with kids and they got to meet their baby cousin for the first time.
Loved the drive and view into Estes, the fun in Estes – tram ride to the top and feeding chipmunks – Trail Ridge, Wild Basin, Bear Lake, herd of elk on the trail ridge – incredible! Mama Rasas Italian restaurant – delicious!! We all were celebrating our June anniversaries, 39, 7 and 3 years – very special! Some golfed in Estes and we all enjoyed mini-golf.
Loved no bugs and needing jackets at night and sitting on the deck wrapped up in blankets in June! Thank you for letting us use your cabin and providing so many necessary items – laundry soap, dishwasher soap, spices, bottled water, grill, charcoal, etc.
We took HUNDREDS of pictures of this area and will remember this vacation forever. The Haltams, Fremont Nebraska (disappointed we saw no elk here)
This week has been a “slice of heaven” for our family of eight. We have so enjoyed our time and have desperately needed this respite. Some of our favorite memories were roasting marshmallows on the balcony, watching a gorgeous bull elk graze below us, sleeping on the comfy beds (how we have enjoyed the REST!), discovering the Wild Basin entrance to RMNP and hiking along the N. Vrain, hiking into Roosevelt National Forest with the kids, enjoying Estes, shopping, swimming, fun city, restaurants, picnics in RMNP, Sprague Lake, movies, popcorn at the cabin, kids playing in the aspen grove by the cabin, watching the birds, eagles, humming birds, reading, playing games, gazing at the gorgeous views, talking and praying on the back deck. THANK YOU! We’ll be back.   The Jarboes 6/16/2008
Thank you very much for letting us stay here. We loved how clean and tidy the place is. The location was wonderful with a beautiful view. We had a lot of fun in the park and the town. It was very fun playing in the snow. We look forward to coming back again. Thanks again.   The Darde family, Jenny Ovalles, Brittny Gonzalez, Miami, Florida 12/22/2007
Arrived with a crisp fall temp and clouds moving down the mountains. The next day there was a thin frosting on the porch rail when we got up but after that it snowed seriously throughout the day as we enjoyed driving into Estes.
For one raised in Colorado and then exiled to Texas for 30 years, the snow was wonderful. I had a hard time uncurling my mouth enough to get to sleep!
Having just moved to Lincoln, NE we were re-building our winter wardrobes and I had just bought a “Sergeant-Preston-of-the Yukon” hat that worked great. My wife, daughter and two grand daughters enjoyed it as well. Thanks for sharing.
  Robert D. Chambers and family 190/20/2007
We arrived three days ago and have enjoyed Meeker Cabin and all the surroundings. As this is our first cabin holiday we have lessons learned.
Lesson 1: Cell phone towers can only reach so far. Luckily this works to our benefit.
Lesson 2: Do all the grocery shopping before arriving, else we will have to back track 20 miles to Longmont ? . Thank you!
 Bob and Felicia. 10/1/2007
Five friends found a fantastic mountain cabin superbly cleaned and ready for our arrival. We five plus our two daughters spent a week at a private cabin opposite Olive Ridge Campground in 1980, 1981, 1982, and less one daughter, in 1983. This current week is serving as a 25th retreat reunion to the Rockies for us! Dick and Sylvia Steffen, less their now married daughter have made our entry first. We slept in the corner bedroom with the large queen bed downstairs. The darkness of the room gave us the illusion of hibernation. We thoroughly enjoyed the yellowing of the mountain slopes as the aspens turned. We enjoyed finding the Meadow Mountain Café in Allenspark to be “the same” as we remember: Good hosts, good food, and good times. We loved our time with our friends here at Meeker Peek.
Bruce and Marie Johnson were part of the reunion group and agree completely with above comments. The golden aspen and gathering herds of elk were highlights not to mention golf. We had wonderful meals at Dunraven, Casa Grande, and the Baldpate Inn. The best meal, however, was our picnic in Rocky Mt National Park while on our elk watch. The night we were jolted awake by howling coyotes was thrilling! This cabin was perfect for us. New memories were created to add to those of 25 years ago.
A wonderful month in a wonderful accommodation. Had it to ourselves the first week. We needed it to get acclimated to the elevation – flatlanders from Texas!
The second week our son and family joined us. We hiked, toured, had picnics everyday too. We were so sad to see them leave. Our 7 year old granddaughter got her “jr ranger” badge and was beside herself with pride.
Our third week was with our daughter and family. We hiked, atv riding, white water rafting in Ft Collins and Trail Ridge Road. Great snow on the ridge road. Also saw lots of elk.
Fourth week was shared with friends for a few days and then just us again. Yay!
We watched Rambo chase all the hummers off, so we bought another feeder. Also some flowers to share with the hummers. We also bought an ice chest to help transport groceries from the ever friendly, ever busy Safeway in Estes Park.
Restaurants we loved: Mt. Meadows Café in Allenspark, (best breakfast you will ever eat!) Poppup on the riverwalk (consistent good food). Restaurants we DIDN’T like: Grumpy Gringo, Penelopes (over rated) Ed’s Cantina. Oh, loved the Twin Owls also.
Rest, renew, and enjoy. It’s a wonderful accommodation. Wish we could pick it up and move it 10 miles closer to Estes!
  The Vestals, Rockwall, Tx 6/23/2007
Our family of eight had a wonderful time at this lovely home. We had plenty of space and really enjoyed the double living room spaces. This area is beautiful. Great hiking, biking and fishing. The kids all had a great time playing in the snow up in the mountains. We enjoyed evenings on the deck while the hummingbirds were dive bombing us. So enjoyable to watch them. The wildlife was exciting. We even saw a baby moose!
The grill and kitchen space made it easy for us to stay on budget even though we all ate a ton! We were so thankful for the washer and dryer because it made packing for the ever changing Colroado weather easier. It als helped us take care of the mess from rafting and horseback riding. Wonderful home. Thank you!
  The Panozzo and Maples Families, San Antonio, TX 6/16/2007
The Skill family hated to leave this beautiful place. Thank you for the wonderful home – it was truly a pleasure to come back here after a day of hiking. The weather was beautiful – what a glorious time of year to be out enjoying all that God has created. We were fortunate enough to see lots of wildlife – from the hummingbirds here at the house to elk, woodpeckers, mule deer, a snake, lots of butterflies and even 2 coyotes. We look forward to returning to Rocky Mountain National Park in the future.   Ken, Ellen and Tim 6/9/2007
The Krenek family thoroughly enjoyed spending a week at your cute little cabin! We cam for hiking, horseback riding, and relaxation in the beautiful Rocky mountains and we actually don’t want to leave! We experienced a winter storm with 80 mph winds, snow flurries, and elk coming right to our doorstep one evening while we were having dinner! Loved shopping in Estes Park (something I do best ? ). My son enjoyed having his own room and watching TV downstairs after our long hikes in the mountains. We’re animal lovers, so we were thrilled to see lots of elk, mule deer, chipmunks, ground squirrels, ravens, a baby elk today on our trail ride, and even a coyote! Your cabin felt like “home” to us this week. Thank you for making our week so special. We will definitely be back next year.   Lori and Dan Weston. 6/2/2007
We’re all from Georgia and my first comment is it was gorgeous! The snow, mountains, horses, and the beautiful view. I loved the Elk too!   Camerons 4/15/2007
Nelis family from Chicago came for a skiing vacation. Meeker Peek Cabin was just great. We had six people here. Cable TV let us see the Bears win! The internet connection allowed my wife and kids to stay connected to the “world”. Kitchen facilities allowed us to stay within a food budget.
This place is bright, clean, and functional. It has a great view (we can see stars which cannot really be done in Chicago!) The cabin is located near place we wanted to go – Rocky Mountain National Park and Eldora Ski Resort. We experienced four warm sunny days – lucky! We had a great time. Thank you.
  Rob, Sheila, Lis, Luke, Katers Nelis and Friend Kara 1/21/2007
Thank you so much for letting us stay in your beautiful cabin! This week has gone by so fast! I can hardly believe that it is time to go home. I loved seeing the wildlife! And the mountains – wow! Awesome would be the word for them. Kansas is home but I guess you could say that I’m a prairie girl who’s in love with the mountains! I really enjoyed relaxing, spending time with my family and enjoying God’s creation. I hope to come back some year!   Bekah Loewen 10/2006/2006
Thank you for letting us call Meeker Peek home while we’re here. Our time here turned out different than we had planned due to the snow. We hoped for lots of small hikes. Instead we enjoyed lots of driving and seeing spectacular views enhanced by snow. Bear Lake (24 degrees and windy), Many Parks Curve, Alluvial Fan (so pretty with the snow on all the boulders and ice on the river). One day we drove Devil’s Gulch Road to Drake, then back by way of 34 along the Big Thompson River. Yesterday Duane and all of the children except baby Leah rode horseback at Sombrero Ranch. A definite highlight! Afterward we shopped downtown so everyone could get their Colorado souvenirs, then supper at Grumpy’s Gringo. Yes it was very good – the best sauces!   Duane, Kathy, Bekah, Abe, Hannah, Peter, Samm, Abby and Leah Loewen. Newton, Kansas 10/2006/2006
14 years! Deanna, Missi, Sandy and Amy. Best friends on our 14th annual girl’s trip. The first 9 years were spent backpacking through Colorado in our youth. The last 5 have been contained to cabin trips due to numerous injuries from our youth. We have been through marriages, divorces, children and sickness together. And the one constant has been the four of us. Enjoy the beauty around you. We have! P.S. No Cujo but Pepper is adorable! PPS Aspens couldn’t have been more spectacular!   9/24/2006
We have had a wonderful time this week. The house was everything we wanted and more. Blackey the bear paid us a visit and also a coyote. Enjoyed rafting and hiking. This was the perfect house for us ! We rented this house in some part as an economical alternative to hotels and were repaid 100 fold. The views, the trails, and close to everything else as well.

We came out to Colorado for a family wedding in Boulder and made the trip into a much needed vacation for the whole family. Hiking and horseback riding, rafting, and best of al a peaceful place to relax and enjoy. We look forward to returning here again. We can understand how people come to Colorado for a visit and end up staying!
P.S. Got to meet the neighborhood dogs. They even took hikes with us – good lookouts for bears! And old Blackie the bear got us twice with the trash dumpster!We will plan on coming back sometime soon. !
  The McNally family. 7/6/2006
(from the Craigs grandparents – above). Great cabin for a family gathering! Good to have TV to catch the world cup finals. A fun game is downstairs in the closet called GUESTURES! We appreciated the CLEAN and the hummingbirds . !   The Greenslates. 7/6/2006
We got here today and we are amazed at how beautiful both the cabin and the view are! We are just a little nervous because we can’t get a cell phone signal up here. Climbed, I mean DROVE, up Long’s Peak! Nice eating in Estes Park and more family fun! Blackey the black bear paid us a visit. Thanks for the wonderful cabin and we hope to come back soon. It was a great experience for us and our grandparents. !   The Craigs – Lincoln Nebraska (Curtis, Terri, Elijah, Brianna, and Erica) Lincoln, Nebraska and the Greenslates (Karen and Mike) Ventura California 7/1/2006
A full week and we loved it! Meeker Peek is our favorite cabin of all the ones we have stayed in over the past 20 years. A perfect house base for us to enjoy the hiking and we did a lot! Lake Isabelle, The Loch, Mills Lake, Mount Audubon, Odessa Lake, Fern Lake and Chasm Lake! We loved the peaceful setting and the scenery. Hopefully we will be back again some day. Thanks.   The Hannus' - Bryan Texas 6/24/2006
46 degrees when we woke up our last morning. Covered both National Parks. Breathtaking views on way to casinos. Won $160! Went out to eat at Fawnbrook Inn right here in Allenspark. Such a dining pleasure. Don’t miss it. Call for reservations. Thanks for sharing heaven with us. !   Don and Gay Gordon, Houston, Tx 9/16/2006
Sherri and I have enjoyed our third stay at Meeker Peek Cabin. We ventured out to Peaceful Valley Indian Peeks, and Nederland. But also, the short hikes just at the end of the road up the street and enjoyed the beautiful pond and view of Mount Meeker. Thank you and have fun! !   Don and Sherri 8/26/2006
Everyone talks about “blackie the bear”. We believe him to be a mere rural legend! No visits this week from the big furry one. Thanks for building and sharing your lovely home. It keeps my dream of being a local very much alive. The setting, the simplicity, the air….maybe one day. Thanks for providing this special place for our gathering of family and friends. I’d definitely look to return and would also speak well of Meeker Peek to my friends. !   Scott, Kim and Mikena Lanning, Tim, Lori, Ethan and Savannah Stout, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8/15/2006
We began our “pre-wedding honeymoon” on Sunday, July 30, 2006 after a 2-day 18.5 hour drive from Macomb, Michigan. After a very restful night we applied for our marriage license in Boulder. Yikes!! After such a stressful day, we couldn’t wait to retreat back to the cabin for another peaceful night’s rest.
Today we did the Old Fall River drive, then came home where Doug fixed a fabulous pasta dinner.
Wednesday we discovered a nice hiking trail at the end of the road where the neighbor’s dog joined up for a few hundred feet. Great pond about ½ mile up the trail!
Thursday we watched the sun rise over the mountains with hummingbirds fighting for a perch on their feeder overhead. Guests start arriving today and over the weekend for our wedding at Wild Basin on Monday. Shortly, we’ll be an “old married couple.” (LITERALLY age-wise!). Stay has been great. Almost wish we hadn’t rented Wild Basin room for Monday night.
We’ll miss the peace and quiet and the EXTREMELY comfortable king sized bed! Thanks for everything! !
  Michelle and Doug Kouri, Macomb Michigan 7/30/2006
Thank you Niebauers for loaning us your lovely home. Meeker Peek Cabin is light and airy and yet warm and cozy. Our stay here was too short. It went very fast. We appreciate all the effort you have put into this beautiful place.
Sunday night we awoke to the sound of the dumpster being knocked over by a bear. What a thrill. Some of your neighbors’ dogs treed the bear in the pine right outside the deck. Luckily, the bar on top of the dumpster held tight and eventually the bear came down and scampered off. It was our first bear sighting and one of the few animals we have yet to see. Thanks again, !
  Julie, Joe, and Steve Westerheide, Nancy Edwards. 7/22/2006
I really enjoyed my time here - even found a little romance at a little horse riding place with a cowboy named Chance! The rides were fun. Then we went fishing and white water rafting. Colorado boys are hot! Come to Georgia please!   April Grissom 6/19/2006
We (the Grissom's and Johnsons) arrived and loved every minute of it! We made many memories on this vacation. Thank you for letting us use this beautiful home!   Grissoms from Atlanta, GA and Virginia Beach, VA and the Johnsons from Chesapeake, VA 6/19/2006
Our whole family was here! We enjoyed our week. This is an awesome place! Forever memories have been made here. Family ties have been made stronger. We'll be back!   Sherman's clan from St David AZ, Greg, Lynn, Wade, and from Washington D.C. Amber; Durgren clan from ABQ New Mexico, Tom, Traci, Jake, Trinity and Elizabeth 6/12/2006
Thanks for the wonderful time. Our two-yar old enjoyed all the rocks! We look forward to coming back.   The Durians 05/24/2006
Wonderful cabin to stay in for our son's wedding!   The Lorenz and Mead Families. 5/19/2006
OMG! This cabin was amazing! It was my birthday up here and we're having a blast! This place is like a complete getaway and I will be a bit sad to return to the real world tomorrow. We have quite an interesting group: One from GA, two from OR, one from CA, one from CO and one from MI. Thanks again!   April M. 4/10/2006
Thanks for sharing your cabin. It is perfect for families with small kids! We had a great time relaxing and celebrating our 4th anniversary! The twins had a wonderful time trying to build a snowman. We were pleasantly surprised to find your cabin well stocked with basic necessities and luxuries that made one's stay so much more pleasant. Thanks again!   The Spirty Family (Mike, Alexis, Benjamin Abigail, and Joshua Wyatt - Littleton, CO. 3/10/2006
Day 1 - December 26th - Arrived around 4pm. What a driveway! Unloaded and made a quick run to Estes for liquor. Someone should really open a liquor store on HWY 7 - they'd make a killing! This place is great. The wesite doesn't do it justice. We brought the 4-wheeler. Kids are praying for snow. Maybe they'll get lucky and it will come down tonight! Mom's excited about the washing machine. Guess it's the little things in life. More tomorrow...

Day 2 - December 27th - We took the kids to Rocky Mountain National Park. We had a great time. Saw some big horn sheep (3 rams) and a bunch of snow up high. Still waiting on it to snow here at the cabin. Did some shopping in Estes, at lunch at the Wapiti Bar - great food!

Day 3 - December 28th - Went back to RMNP so kids could go sledding. They had a blast except when Justin (age 5) wiped out! He ate snow and dirt and bruised his face, but soon was ok. Saw the sheep again on our way out of the park. We went up a national forest road on our way back to the cabin. No one else was around! We found some more snow to sled on. No more accidents! Came back and cooked a big dinner. Hoping for snow tonight!

Day 4 - December 29th - 7:30 a.m. - Woke to snow falling! By 10:00 it had already let up - pretty though! We are spending a quiet dat at the cabin. This is our last day :-( Day 5 - December 30th - We had a great time! Thank you for letting us stay!
  The Littlebears. 12/26/2005
Tim, many many thanks for your generosity. I needed to get away and this was the perfect spot! Your cabin is wonderful! It was warm and cozy after arriving in a snow storm! The peace and quiet was so healing for me, and Paul was able to enjoy it too. Thank you!   Fran H. 11/21/2005
Tim, Thank you so much, this is our 2nd trip to your cabin. We had a wonderful trip. The fall colors were spectaciluar this year and we wentBrainard Lake area for the first time. Very lovely. Hope all is going well for you and your family. Thank you.   Sherri & Don 9/04/2005
Thank you so much for the great stay. We loved being here and we are kind of sad to be leaving. We can't wait to come back next time we are in Colorado. This place is beautiful. This house feels like home, everything was wonderful and comfortable. We hiked around and went snowboarding 30 min away.
The house is beautiful. Nancy, the caretaker, is a very nice, sweet lady. We loved her a lot. The next door neighbor’s dogs were the best. They went with us on walks; they were the best dogs we have ever met! They are the hardest part about leaving. Pepper is the best. Thank you so much for everything. The grill, firewood, radio, towels, guys really made this trip special for us. Next time you guys are in Chicago please contact us, we can go out to dinner! Thank you again very much
  Love, Carl, Juliet, Kris, Orla 1/03/2005
We are a group of sketchers and found the cabin just right for us. We saw a beautiful sunrise. We love all the natural light for our sketching! Beds were comfortable.   Sincerely, AWG Columbine chapter, 6 ladies and 2 day trippers, 9/04/04
Great cabin, great views. Enjoyed our stay very much. Weather was great until Friday. However, love the cool weather. This is our 3rd visit the area. HoweverTHIS CABIN and the LOCATION were ideal for us. Hope sometime in the future we will return. We love to hike and this locations was ideal for everything.   Carole and Mike Heckman, 8/24/04
Excellent 2nd time at Meeker Peek! What a lovely lovely place. We did lots of hiking, especially around exploring the forest nearby and built a teepee/castle/fort in the aspen grove! Highly recommend Meeker Park Stables for trail rides. Thank you!   Karen and Kyle Swanson, Jake, Joel and Keller. 6/19/04
We had a lovely time enjoying the quiet and very comfortable cabin. We enjoyed watching the hummingbirds and the elk that meandered up to just below the deck at about 11:30 pm. We are excited to drive over Trail Ridge Road. Opened Thurs. First time it opened this early in the season. Thanks for the use of your cabin.   The Couturiers, Littleton, CO 5/17/04
Thanks so much for letting us stay in this lovely cabin over Thanksgiving. We enjoyed the views and this cozy place! It was roomy and comfortable! Our boys enjoyed cutting some wood and building a fire in the wood stove. The neighborhood dog was friendly and took walks with us. It was fun to be close to Estes for our annual tradition of attending the Christmas parade. We hope to come back again!   The Wisharts 11/29/03
The Cox family vacation was a smashing success. We spent the week hiking, climbing, eating and drinking with our friends the Bolingers, who stayed just a few houses down the road. Between us we put down approximately 100 lbs of food and conquered Ouzel Falls/Calypso Cascades, the dreaded Estes Cone (which whooped all our butts last year), Chasm Lake, the crater, and Mills Lake. In between meals and treks, mostly we read and sometimes we played cards. Generally we were in bed by 10. We had the strength of a 20 year-old by day and the bed time of a 90-year-old by night! Must be the altitude.   Cox Family 8/17/03
Thank you for such a fun and relaxing vacation! What a beautiful corner of the earth - perfect for 2 small boys and their parents to play! We hope to return sometime soon.   The Swansons, Milwaukee 6/14/03
Thank you soooo much - we had a blast! The cabin was gorgeous too! I hope to use this cabin again. We appreciate your hospitality so much.   Ken and Sandra Scheiderling, Kansas City, MO 4/27/03
Yes it is beautiful here in the winter. It snowed the night of the 22nd so it was great! Sharing this house for the holiday was a good idea. We all go our different ways tomorrow.   The Vaughns 12/2/02
Wow, our second time to visit this wonderful cabin. Not much has changed since three years ago -- the mountains haven't moved, but the trails seem a little longer and steeper! Our first hike was out of Wild Basin on the way to Calypso Cascades. Many hikes this week and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks for a place to come "home" to.   David and Lynn Aurora, Co (Go Titans) 8/2/02
We traveled from Quincy and Chicago for a wedding and vacation. Your cabin is great, hopefully we'll be able to make the trip again. The scenery and golf was a bonus. Thanks again.   The Quincy Gang 6/21/02
Meeker Peek rules! WIth such a beautiful sight it's hard not to get downright inspired. Thanks so much for your gift of generosity.   Peace Dennis Mulner 11/2006/01
Happy Mother's Day! We had a great time in the sun. We all got our tar on and drank a little too much! I got to do everything I wanted this weekend. Watch the AVS with game 1 against St. Louis, write a song, and get stupid with my brother Jeff.   Thanks for the cabin. Justin and the Gilchrist/Osorio families 5/13/01
From Kansas and Nebraska. Cabin was very cozy and comfortable. Nice to be away from crowds and town. We went snow shoeing in RMNP 3 days. Great fun. Absolutely beautiful sights. We went to several frozen lakes. We recommend snowshoeing.   Janice, Kevin, Dianne, Glenn Phelps, Jane Meschbergoer 1/11/01