Granny's House Guest Comments

“Kathy & Gene, Thanks so much for a wonderful place to stay. It was very quiet & peaceful. It took some time to adjust to the elevation. We were always thirsty and did not sleep well at first. The last few days were much better. After cooking on the grill, a large black bear showed up and we were very excited. We made a sound with the back door and he went running. We never saw him again. It was very exciting! We were cautious for a while, but realized we must have scared him more than he scared us. The hiking was great and we will never forget our trip!”  Don, Peg & Alisha C., Seminole, FL. 6/18-25/2008.
“Kathy and Gene, Thank you for making Granny’s House such a cozy, well-appointed place to stay. We loved the fireplace, the deck, the grill, movies at the end of the day. We ran into a lot of snow at Brainerd Lake and could not even hike to Isabelle so we took the St. Vrain Trail which was nice. The next day we were enchanted by Bear Lake, Nymph Lake, Dream & Emerald Lakes. Saw elk very near to trail at Dream Lake as well as Clark’s Nutcrackers and a water ouzel. Today we hike the Fern Lake Trail and saw more elk (a herd of 30 females & young), hummingbirds, bluebirds & a scarlet tanager. Also trout leaping at the pool! Granny’s House was perfect for us. The drive to the park was lovely. I wonder if you’d consider putting wildflower and bird identification guides in the cabin? We had so many questions that the volunteers at RMNP could not answer. Aloha! ”   Kendal, John, Hannah & Justin, Hilo, HI. 6/26-30/2008
“Thank you so much for the wonderful accommodations & all the little “extras”! We hope to be back soon. ”   Phil, Kendell, Lindsey & Hanna, Edmond, OK. 7/13-17/2008
“Kathy & Gene, Thank you for opening “Granny’s House” to us. We felt at home from the minute we walked in. Between enjoying the hikes and wildlife (elk, deer, etc.) of the National Park, we found time to go see the Colorado Rockies baseball team. All we can say is this has been a great vacation for our family and staying near Allenspark is the “frosting on the cake.” Thank you. ”   Paul, Dinise & Amber, Oregon, WI. 7/17-22/2008
“Kathy & Gene, we had such a wonderful week at your cabin. It was so quiet, cozy & peaceful. We really enjoyed being away from the crowds. The kids loved your selection of games & movies! Thanks again for letting us stay here. We hope to be back in a few years! ”   The Schlossers, Omaha, NE. 7/24-31/2008
“Thanks for everything! ”   Cindy R., Longmont, CO. 7/31-8/3/2008 “Once again, thank you Kathy & Gene. Our stay was everything we expected and then some. We love this house; it’s as if it’s an extension of our own home in Illinois. After a few”acclimating” hikes we hike to Lake Chasm–spectacular. A little challenging but oh the reward is so worth it! Thank you for your suggestion to hike to Lulu City on the West Side–it was very serene & pleasant without too many visitors. We saw a variety of wildlife including Mr. Black Bear who made a cameo appearance–that was exciting for us! We made new friends (John & Lois) who we anticipate keeping in touch with. All of the above was made possible by your hospitality & generosity. All our love. ”   Pam & Kevin B., Elwood, IL. 8/3-17/ 2008
“Dear Gene & Kathy, Thank you for your hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed our short stay here in the Rocky’s and Granny’s House was the perfect place to stay and relax. We hope we left everything as we found it! Best wishes, ”   Gill, Michael & Samuel. Portugal (England & Germany), May ‘07.
“Dear Kathy & Gene, our time here was wonderful. I started with seeing the wolf (ed., probably a coyote) just minutes after we got here. The days were filled with the awe of nature and incredible visual menu of delights that God has given us. Your cabin was perfect. We were comfortable and felt at home. The setting here is so different, that it made us just stop and stare in wonder at the tiny flowers, the budding pine cones and soft velvety plants that grow here. Thank you for the time here that gave us the get-away that we needed. May God bless you and your home always. ”   Jack & Karen O, Hanover, MD. June ‘07." PS. I also loved the flowers on the table. The music was wonderful".  
“Thanks for such a great stay. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Being able to come back to your cabin on the mountain made our trip even more enjoyable. Kathy, thanks for all the little things set about in the cabin. Gene, thanks for the firewood. The kids really enjoyed the fireplace. Being in the mountains really helps one’s soul".   Tim, Sue, Liz, Nic & James V. G., Pella, IA. June ‘07.
"PS. from Liz: I just want to thank you for the beautiful cabin you provided. My bed was so comfortable and that’s what I was most concerned about when I got here! Also, the “Riverdance” tape entertained me for hours! I am a huge fan! Thanks so much".
"Thanks for the tip about Allenspark’s 4th of July parade. Emily & I enjoyed it. Your cabin is very nice & we enjoyed your selection of movies also. Maybe we’ll see you again after another reunion".   Theresa, Don & Emily Rundle, Boring, MD. July ‘07.
“Thank you Gene and Kathy for the use of your wonderfully cozy cabin! The extra touches (flowers, candy, bath goodies) were so thoughtful! After a long day of exploring the wonderful beauty of the area it was so nice to come “home” to a relaxing evening in such a comfortable place. Granny’s House added so much to our Colorado vacation memories! It was so nice to meet you both and we really appreciated all of your tips! Thank you again. ”   Ken, Karen, Jason, & Kathie, G., Petaluma, CA. July ‘07.
“Gene & Kathy, Thanks so much for a wonderful stay. Being at Granny’s was a wonderful experience. The quiet of the mountains, the beautiful stars at night and the mountain view from the diningroom table–all made for a special trip. Thanks for the hospitality. We enjoyed the visit with you all. Hope everyone that comes enjoys the LP’s– how nice to read a book by the fire with the Mama’s & Papa’s in the background. ”   Lynn & Harold I, Louisville, KY. July ‘07.
“Kathy & Gene, thank you very much for a great stay. We so enjoyed your cabin . It was nice to be able to come home to each night. We enjoyed the Rocky Mountains and took in a couple of hiking trails close by. We enjoyed meeting you both and the visit we had with you. Thanks again, ”   The T’s: Gary, Traci, Myles & Kelley, Kansas City, MO. July-August ‘07.
“Thank you so much for having such a wonderful home where our family could get together. The kitchen was so well appointed and the beds were so comfy after a day of hiking. Most of our family plus some friends made a group of 10 who climbed Longs Peak. It was a return trek for 6 but a new and exhausting experience for the other 4. The fresh flowers were such a nice welcoming touch too. ”   Genette & Bob H., Winston-Salem, NC. August ‘07.
“Thanks again, Gene & Kathy, for allowing our family of 6 to stay at Granny’s House. We really appreciate you permitting an extra person (ed., that being a 1-year old). We have so enjoyed our time here, having a “cabin” vacation to Colorado, though it’s too bad that Granny’s was only available for 3 nights. Would loved to have stayed a couple more. What a spacious cabin this is–beats a motel anyway with 4 kids! It is so clean & homey! Great job! The kids enjoyed the video collection from the moment we got here. What a neat idea! It was great to have comfortable beds (unlike most vacations). We even put the 2 little girls together in one of the twins & it worked out just fine (since no one was brave enough to sleep out alone on the couch). The kitchen was indeed well-stocked. That was a great help. Enjoyed some items left in the fridge & pantry and will do the same. It was great to meet you–enjoyed all the beautiful sights–Old Fall River Rd. & Trail Ridge Rd. Will definitely recommend Granny’s to everyone. ”   Mike, Kim, Mason, Makayla, Megan & Miles, F., Laurel, NE. August ‘07.
" PS: to future guests: if your kids lock the bathroom door, the wooden skewers in the kitchen work great to re-open the door."
“Gene & Kathy, thank you for having us stay at your lovely cottage. We spent a lot of time hiking during the day, and it was so nice to come back to a comfortable home. We look forward to looking you up next time we are at RMN. All the nice touches made this place very, very nice. Thank you again, ”   Cathy & Allen B., Wannabee, WI. August ‘07.
“Gene & Kathy, Had a wonderful time our third trip to Granny’s. Hike 28 miles in RMN the past week , and climbed Twin Sister’s Peak. Sorry we missed happy hour. Kids’ day on Friday–horseback riding, rock climbing and out for pizza. Hope to be back again. Snowed on Meeker last night. ”   Regards, Kevin, Margie, Jane, Stephanie, & Olivia W., Crestwood, IL. August ‘07.
“Kathy & Gene, thank you so much for allowing us to stay at Granny’s. We loved our stay here. Everything was just like being at our Granny’s house in Arkansas! We celebrated 25 years of marriage in the mountains. Everyone said we needed to go on a cruise–they obviously haven’t been to the Rockies! We got to see 2 bears on Hwy. 72–that was our 1st for Colorado. We went on several back roads, even some that I swear should not have been called a road, but the GPS said they were! We loved our stay here and hope to bring our kids back–we’ve told them all about Granny’s and they want to come. God Bless. ”   Randy & Cheryl F., Mounds, OK. August ‘07.
“Kathy & Gene, thank you for the tips on Brainard Recreation area. We spent 2 days hiking there and had a wonderful time. Our other 2 days were hiking in RMN. We loved it here at Granny’s. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place. We had a few tomatoes left so we left them for you to enjoy. They are in the refrigerator. ”   Barb B. & Pat S., Council Bluffs, IA. September ;07.
“Gene & Kathy, How do we express our gratitude to you for giving us the privilege of staying in your very wonderful “Granny’s House” while we visited our dear friends Tom & Claudia. This is one thankful Grandma & Grandpa from Florida! May the Lord richly bless you with all spiritual blessings and with His love. We have been so blessed to have been able to stay here! ”   Lois & George V., Navarre, FL, September ‘06
"Gene & Kathy, My first trip to the USA and I do not think I could have picked a better cabin to have started off in. The location is wonderful and the cabin itself cosy, comfortable and superbly equipped. Add to that, the kind hospitable people that are yourselves–what more can one ask? Five days was much too short to exlore RMNP but I did some excellent hiking in Wild Basin, Deer Lake and today, the loop from Bear Lake to Fern Lake Trail Head via Odessa Lake. Just enough snow to make it interesting. Finished off with some very close encounters with elk when a bull was chased across the road. Many thanks!”   Chris S., Manchester, United Kingdom, September ‘06
"Wow! We enjoyed and appreciated so much that it’s hard to lit it all and we’re so excited about this place that we hope to return again & again! We enjoyed meeting you both and felt like you are sharing your family home with us in a big way! Whether inside or out, we loved every minute! Thanks again!!”   The K. Family, Denver, August ‘06 .
"Gene & Kathy, Kevin and I would like to say thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home. We hiked almost every day and it was just like coming home to a warm hug at the end of our adventures. I have been coming to Estes Park since I was a child with my family–we always camped at Moraine Park. This was my husband’s 1st time here–we will be coming back!We really appreciated the “little extras” like the bottled water, flowers, towels, info about CO–everything just everything!! ”   Pam & Kevin B., Elwood, IL, August ‘06
”Gene & Kathy, Thanks again for everything. The air here is so clean and the noise is non-existent. I’m not use to sleeping in these conditions (just kidding–slept like a rock). Thanks for loaning the GPS and taking Janek & me on the hike to the plane crash site. He has some great pictures to show his friends in the 5th grade. We also found that the girls are Sinatra fans. They spent some evenings dancing to the LP’s. Thanks also for the snack basket. Olivia left a picture for you.”   Kevin, Margie, Janek, Stephanie, & Olivia W., Crestwood, IL, August ‘06
”Gene & Kathy Thank you for the warm welcome. We have visited Colorado may times. The state is Beautiful!! RMNP had many areas where one could stop & just gaze. Even saw an elk downtown. Thanks again.”   The C’s & R’s, Merrillville, IN, July 2006
”Gene & Kathy, Thank you so much for the wonderful cabin. It’s in a beautiful location and is so cozy. We had a great time! Thanks again.”   The B’s., Port Byron, IL, July ‘06
” Gene & Kathy We had a great time here in Colorado. Thanks for the great accommodations. House was great!!! Didn’t get to use the fireplace, warm week. But up in RMNP we did hit a temp of 44º and we got cooled down on a rafting trip in Fort Collins with some of our friends from Wheatridge, CO. We stayed a night in Wheatridge with them and it felt god to get back to Granny’s House.
We will recommend the house to friends and if we come back in the future we will keep Granny’s in mind. Thanks so much again.”
  Scott, Bobbie, Logan & Lindy K., Mahomet, IL, July ‘06
"This retreat was so much more than we expected. We really enjoyed having all the comforts of home when we got back from our daily outings. We loved all the extra touches, and thanks to the previous guests for leaving a little someting in the fridge & pantry. We passed the tradition along. This is such a great location, not too fart to leave and come back. We visited relatives and they came up and visited us from Berthoud & Arvada. They were all impressed with “Granny’s Cabin.” See you again soon”   Greg, Wendy, Michelle, & Rachel O., Schriever, LA, July ‘06
”Dear Kathy & Gene, We had a really great vacation here in Colorado and especially enjoyed having Granny’s to come home to at the end of the day. The cabin was much more than we expected and we do appreciate your thoughtfulness in the way you covered every detail! It was so well-stocked and cozy. Thanks again for making our stay so memorable.”   Mike, Mary Ellen and Jessica B., Scott, MS, July ’06
” Gene and Kathy. We are leaving with mixed emotions–sorry our vacation is over but delighted we came to Colorado! We enjoyed every excursion you suggested. The scenery is glorious! Granny’s House is more than we expected as was your hospitality. God Bless you.”   The Waites, Gilbert, IL, June, 2006
” Dear Kathy & Gene, Thank you so much for sharing your cabin with our family. The 1st thing we noticed when we walked in was how clean & homey it was. The boys found the wonderful chocolates you left for us, and I noticed the flowers on the table.
We’ll never forget our cabin in the Rockies. Thanks for making it special for us.”
  Roger, Dixie, Sam & Adam K., McPherson, KS, June ‘06
” Kathy and Gene, What a wonderful cabin you have. All the comforts of home. Sure beats a hotel room. Our stay at Granny’s House helped with the Rocky Mountain experience. We enjoyed a 2 hr. horseback ride at Allenspark Livery. We hiked at Wild Basin and loved the waterfalls and rapids. We hiked to Eugenia Mine at Longs Peak. And, we enjoyed the beautiful drive and scenery of RMNP.
We enjoyed meeting you both; you are very welcoming. We will definitely consider Granny’s House again when we come this way.”
  Bill, Cheryl, Kyle and Sarah B., Sleepy Hollow, IL, June ’06
“The second wonderful, relaxing vacation in ‘Granny’s.” (It) was cool enough in the mornings to build a fire and listen to the crackle with coffee and toast. The aspens; the aspens were beyond words to describe, with the many colors and shades of yellow...This vacation spent in this well stocked and clean cabin in this beautiful spot of Colorado was difficult to bring to an end.”   Jim & Lisle, Dallas, TX, Sep. ‘05.
“We had a wonderful time at Granny’s house. Thank you so much!!! We look forward to staying here again.”   Tim, Cathy, Amy, & Lindsay M., Blackforest, CO, May ‘06
“Gene & Kathy, Thank you for your kind welcome. We have had a wonderful few days in the Rockies. Granny’s has been the perfect place to be based...We didn’t get much time to appreciate Granny’s during the day but it was a lovely place to return to at night–th log fire compensating for the inclement afternoon weather and the beds being so incredibly comfortable. In the morning too–watching the sun rise on the mountain whilst having breakfast. Thank you again.”   Kate & Lesley, Manchester, UK, Sep. ‘05.
“Gene & Kathy, we had a great time in your cabin. It was PERFECT! With the fresh cut flowers, well stocked kitchen and comfortable beds, we felt right a home. Here are some flowers from Lily Lake. Thank you & God bless you both.”   David N. & family, Federal Heights, CO, Sep. ‘05.
“Gene & Kathy, this was a great vacation...Hope to be back in the future. Mt. Meeker in the morning is awesome. The Sinatra LP’s were pretty cool too.”   Kevin, Margie, Janek, Stephanie, & Olivia W., Crestwood, IL, Aug. ‘05
“Gene & Kathy, thank you again, so much, for your wonderful hospitality. Granny’s House is just perfect, and all of the extras you provide make it as comfy as home! My son and I had fun making puzzles, playing games, and of course, watching some movies from your large collection! ...Thanks again for absolutely everything and for helping us figure out our car problem. I love the down comforters!”   Jeff, Lisa, Scott & Corey W., Vandergrife, PA, Aug. ‘05.
“Gene & Kathy, what a wonderful place for a vacation. You’ve done everything right to welcome guests, especially the fresh flowers & well stocked kitchen. If it had been just Bob & I, we would have spent more time at ‘Granny’s’ just relaxing, but wanted the grandsons to see as much of the area as possible within one week. As I told you, they loved the Star Wars videos. We made good use of the gas grill a couple of nights. This is a lovely setting & feel blessed to have been able to use & enjoy it. If we make it back to his area, we would certainly hope to be able to use ‘Granny’s’ again.”   Bob & Shirley R., Carlyle, IL, Aug. ‘05.
“Gene & Kathy, we had a great week at Granny’s House! The house was well stocked & lovely. We enjoyed the movies, the deck, and the view. Day trips to the Park, Estes, & the Nederland were great. Even though it was warm, the mountain air beat the over 100º temp & humidity of St. Louis! Thank you for a great week!”   Glenn, Collen, & Dan S. St. Louis, MO, Jul. ‘05.
“A wonderful place. Many thanks.”   The Grays, Minneapolis, MN, Jul. ‘05
“This cabin is perfect. You and Gene have thought of everything. We especially appreciated the bottled water, well-stocked kitchen & movie selection. Thanks for providing a cozy home away from home.”   Denise, Jim, Holly & Cody G., Marysville, PA, Jul. ‘05.
“We really enjoyed our stay. The house was great and very comfortable. Thank you very much for everything.”   The H. Family, Wichita, KS, Jun.’05.
“...Fixed most dinners at this well equipped cabin, enjoying the view from all the windows and watching the sunset on Longs Peak (NB: actually Mt. Meeker). The sounds of nature through the night. But the sounds from the old record player with the many selections of music was very special... Your visitors from Home Depot out of Dallas, TX”   Jim & Lisle. Jun. ‘05.
“Enjoyed our stay. Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven.”   The M. Family, Columbus Jct., IA, and Christina C., Kyndelese, Denmark, May, ‘05.
“What a beautiful cabin and with all the little extras, it made for a very comfortable stay! The movie selection was great, the recliners were relaxing and my wife enjoyed the fresh flowers. Next time we will be coming with our new addition. Thanks.”   Kari and Garret W., Omaha, NE, Oct. ‘04.
“Thank you so very much for such a wonderful place to ‘call home’ while here. All your extra touches added to the warmth & inviting atmosphere here. It’s a Beautiful cabin in an awesome setting. Thank you for adding to our wonderful visit here. I’m sure we’ll return! “   The Al & Bonnie F. Family, Eau Claire, WI, Oct. ‘04.
We had a wonderful time at Granny’s house. Thank you so much. Hope to meet you the next time. (NB.: Gene & Kathy were out of town for a wedding).”   Billy, Bill, & Joyce S., Wichita Falls & Saginaw, TX, Sep. ‘04.
“Gene & Kathy–Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We have had a wonderful week. Granny’s House was all we hoped for an more! Beautiful surroundings, sunny days & quiet nights! The deck provided us peaceful morning & the fireplace gave u comfy evenings. The cabin–perfect! Thanks for making us feel so at home! It was the relaxing get-a-way we needed. Im sure we’ll be back!! God bless.”   Kendal & Debbi, B., St. Michael, MN, Aug. ‘04
“Dear Kathy & Gene, we had a lovely week here, so peaceful and so beautiful! The beds were very comfortable and it was great to have all the amenities of home, but with a view. It’s easy to seel the work you put into making the cabin a pleasant place to stay...”   Jeanne & Jeff, Allison, Mark, & Elyse, T., Illinois, Aug. ‘04.
“Dear Kathy and Gene, thank you for sharing this delightful home with us. I would love to stay here for a longer visit in the future. Fall & winter visits would be amazing. We greatly enjoyed the time we spent here.”   Judy, John, Phillip, Kalee U., Ames, IA, Jul. ‘04.
“Gene and Kathy, our best vacation ever! Even tops Yosemite...Tell everyone not to miss Old Fall Rive Road (Rocky Mtn. Nat’l Park)...Your house has been wonderful–great beauty, comfort, relaxation, quiet. We certainly appreciate all the amenities (and things we might have forgotten to pack) and well-equipped kitchen! Also the flowers–very nice. Thank you so very much. Sincerely,”   Sandy & Steve K., Ohio, Jul. ‘04.
“We had a great time here! My children saw how a record plays, caught moths under cups so they could free them and had fun playing with granny’s cane. Thanks for all the little extras!”  Sheila H, Jeff C, Abby & Ben. Jun. ‘04.
“I’ve had a wonderful visit with my new granddaughter. It was so good to have such a nice place to stay and be close to her and her parents. The cabin is lovely–the views are delightful. Thank you for helping make my visit with our family a memorable one.”  Ellyn P (Molly Larson’s grandma), Jun. ‘04.
“Thank you so much for your hospitality and wonderful cabin! We enjoyed every day here in your wonderful mountain playground!”   The K’s, Berlin, WI, Jun. ‘04
“Thank you so much for your hospitality. We really enjoyed visiting with you and learning about the area. It was so amazing watching the snow fall through the huge windows. It is so peaceful and beautiful out here. We’ll definately (sic) recommend this place to our friends back home! Thanks again!”   Kelley & Chad M., Caddo Mills, TX, May ‘04.
“Dear Gene & Kathy, You have made ‘Granny’s House’ such a comfortable, welcoming place to visit! We had a wonderful week here and enjoyed our visit with you. Thanks for making such a special place available to us.”   Dick & Mary J., Granbury, TX, May ‘04.
“What a wonderful, relaxing vacation! The views are gorgeous, the air is clean & the silence is golden! (Even the snow was beautiful!)”  Dave & Wanda L. Cedar Rapids, IA, May ‘04.
“Our thanks to you both for our enjoyable stay at Granny’s. It was like home away from home–very comfortable. Added thanks for the extras–movies, games, a well-stocked (with seasonings included) kitchen, etc. We’ll look forward to staying here again in the future. Thanks again!”  Tamara ,Greg, & Gabe R, Denver, CO, Apr. ‘04.
“Thank you for letting us enjoy our 18th Valentine Weeding Anniversary. This cabin is very special to us. We hope you know the joy and peace this cabin brings. Once again THANK YOU!   B&B McG, Loveland, CO, Feb. ‘04.
“We enjoyed the cabin immensely. The fireplace was great, (and) we used it at least twice a day. The scenery was gorgeous. The evergreen trees & the animal life made the experience complete.”  The Raymon Family, New Year’s ‘04
“Thank you for a wonderful & very peaceful time. The fall colors were spectacular & we could even hear the distant sounds of elk bugling in the middle of the night!”   The Bulles Family, Sept. ‘03